Performers, Informative Topics,

That have appeared on the Program

This is not by no means a complete list..  There are many more names to come


Andy Head

Master Juggler


The Clown


Nicole Calascibetta

Poetry Artist / Counselor

Rose Kurczab


Stunt Bike Riders

Serena’s Song – 1st FAA approved Handicap Hot Air Balloon

Dan The Piano Man

Sheer's Lumberjacks

Dave & Beth Whites

Nationwide Teddy Bear Collectors

St. Augustine FL

Historic Documentary

Ice Sculpturing from

Michigan Avenue

Stained Glass Windows Exhibit

Navy Pier


State Police

The Art of

Jacqueline Withers

Jesse White

Illinois Secretary of State

The Clean Comedy of

John Evers

Jesse White Tumblers

The Magic of Paul Lee

Joyce Spahoza


The Revolution

A Call To Destiny – Drama Team

Les Wittekind

Magic with a Message

The Tall Juggler Guy

Mike Vondruska

Lombard Leapers

The Whimsical Farm - Artists

Michael Kett

Mind Bending Magic

Unique Magic by:

Joseph J. Vacha

Mission Improvable

Drama Team

Vera Smith

Poetry Artist

Mr Vern

Caricature Artist

White House Exhibit

North Riverside Mall

Music & Comedy By:

Chuck Salvo

Woodland Aero modelers

R/C Model Airplanes

Noise Pollution

Percussion with Junk

World Class Juggler


On Location in Baraboo Wisconsin

Hiking Adventures

Christmas in Miniature

Holiday Craft Idea

Examining Today's Popular Music

Apolegitcs Group

The DaVinci Con

Fight The Good Fight Ministries


As you can see by the various listings, we have a wide variety of material that we have aired. 

A complete description of the episodes is our website from when the program began in 1999.