Continuing to refine my skills as a producer, writer, artist / performer, director and multi-media consultant.



From 1969 to present,


Recorded for CBS COLUMBIA; MERCURY PHONOGRAM; and SONY. Presently published works with SONY. Percussionist for the group: "THE FLOCK".  CD’s have sold worldwide. Have toured extensively throughout United States and Europe with International artists.


Produced, arranged, and performed in top recording studios in Chicago and New York City. Including: Columbia Studios, Streeterville, Chicago Trax, Tone Zone Recording, Studio Media, Paragon, Chicago Recording Co., P. S. Studios and Solid Sound.


Worked as co-host for radio show on WCFL called - Rock Talk.  Presently working as a co-host and creative consultant, for Worldwin Media producing shows such as: TNT’s Arts & Entertainment, Reality Check, Messianic Moments, airing on various cable television networks.


Produced, and co-edited commercials, infomercials, and various video projects with Chicago Multimedia & Worldwin Media.





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